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Eiffel Tower


It is one of the world famous buildings, one of the symbols of French culture, one of the landmarks of Paris, and the tallest building in Paris.They are called "the iron lady" by the French.The Eiffel Tower is visited by tens of millions of people from all over the world every year and brings in 2 billion Euros to France every year


The Eiffel Tower is 300 meters high, the antenna is 24 meters high and the total height is 324 meters,The tower is made up of many scattered steel components,as like a bunch of model components,There are 18,038 steel components and weighing 10,000 tons.Except that the four feet are made of steel and concrete, the whole body is made of steel and iron,The tower is divided into three floors, 57.6 meters, 115.7 meters and 276.1 meters respectively

Arch Of Triumph


French: l'Arc de triomphe de l'Étoile, Arc DE triomphe is a welcome door for out of the battle of the army triumphal return,It is the largest circular arch in the world today.and located on the island in the center of Charles DE Gaulle square of Paris,

The Arch of Triumph began on August 15, 1806, and was completed on July 29, 1836. It is 49.54 meters high, 44.82 meters wide and 22.21 meters thick.The central arch is 36.6 meters high and 14.6 meters wide.

The Arch of Triumph in Paris is a symbol of imperial style, This magnificent building commemorates napoleon's defeat of the Russian and Austrian forces at the battle of Austerlitz in December 1805.It is also one of the four representative buildings in Paris.

The Order

This client is a large jewelry merchant in France,The brooch takes Eiffel Tower andArch of Triumph as design elements,they design a lot of brooches drafts,Our company makes many samples according to the drawings designed by customers,It was only take one month from making sample to the finished mass production.all production were communicated and confirmed with customer,including the paint color,plating color,size and packing details. The customer was very satisfied with our products and services.

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