Except The Static Button
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Function-type static key chain is to eliminate the human body, automobiles, computers, household appliances and other daily life of static electricity key chain.

The use of hand-held keychain to contact with electrostatic objects can be static elimination.

Product function:

Wide: Can eliminate the human body, automobiles, computers, metal objects and other daily life static electricity (excluding industrial electrostatic);

Fast: Eliminate electrostatic time is 0.2 seconds 3 seconds; do: can completely eliminate electrostatic hazards;

Safety: no toxic negative effect and dangerous, absolutely safe and environmentally friendly products.

How to use:

1, with the thumb light touch oval touch button, no need to vigorously.

2, and then use the product head conductive material contact conductive body (such as: automobiles, human body, computer, iron railings, metal objects, etc.) for discharge, discharge when the LCD screen pattern will be fully displayed. (Note: If you want to verify that the product function is valid, please contact the ordinary TV screen or computer screen inspection, open, shutdown is more obvious.)

) in-plant LCM module, drive LCD pattern display, no battery, long-term use.

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