Colorful Long Hair POM POM Keychain

​1. Material:Fake long hair fur
2. Price:$0.40
3. Size:8*8cm
4. Weight:25g

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Product Details


-Our company follows the principle of protecting animals to live in harmony with the animals.Therefore, the keychain is made of the fake long hair fur which is designed to mimic the appearance and texture of real animal fur.

-It is just a colorful round ball,no other parts.It is not easy to deform,flexible and easy to clean and maintain.

-Simple design,it can add color to your daily life with good mood.

-A small accessory that you can put it anywhere you like,such as the bag, the car and the purse.It can not only keep all the keys together in order to be able to find them quickly,but also it can beautify the bag or your cellphone,making it charming and beautiful.

-Also, it is perfect for presents,no matter the wedding gifts or the birthday gifs.Delicate and trendy, it is light and portable, with superior quality and wear resistance.


1. Material:Fake long hair  fur

2. Price:$0.40

3. Size:8*8cm

4. Weight:25g

5. MOQ 600

6. Packing:1pc/opp  10pcs/bag   400pcs/carton

    Carton Size:36*54*30

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