Mermaid with Moon Metal Keychain

​1. Material:Zinc-Alloy+ Acrylic
2. Price:$0.8
3. Size:12*5cm
4. Weight:19g

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Product Details


-It mainly consists of three parts, the cool wing, the crescent and the mermaid which are all made of high quality metal, zinc alloy,firm and strong,resistant to air,wear and chemicals.

-The mermaid image reminds people of the love tale of mermaid to show your love,bold and brave.Thus, it will be ideal gift to your loved one,such as your father,your mother, your girlfriend,and your friends.

-Sure, it is mainly designed to put all the keys together,making it clean and neat that you won't lose the keys casually.And you can get the key as soon as you want.

-Pretty appearance,delicate craftsmanship and outstanding performance.It is easy to maintain and assembly.Durable with long life span, it is portable and light.

-Good quality and low cost, it is quite cheap that amlost everyone can afford it that it is suitable to be a present as you travel back.


1. Material:Zinc-Alloy+ Acrylic

2. Price:$0.8

3. Size:12*5cm

4. Weight:19g

5. MOQ 500

6. Packing:1pc/opp  12pcs/bag   400pcs/carton

     Carton Size:44*34*22

7.Delivery Time: 15-20days

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