Fashion Silver Feather Tassels Dream Catcher Key Ring

1. Material:Zinc Alloy+Stone
2. Price:$0.7
3. Size:125*25 mm
4. Weight:11 g

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Product Details


1.Material:Zinc Alloy+Stone


3. Size:125*25 mm

4. Weight:11g

5. MOQ: 240pcs

6. Packing:1pc/opp  10pcs/bag   400pcs/carton

Dream Catcher Story

The dream catcher originated in the 18th century when Indians used it to capture beautiful dreams,Let the nightmare fade with the morning sun,They believe that the night air is full of dreams, and that only a dream catcher can filter them and lead them to beautiful dreams,A traditional dream catcher is a branch of a tree that forms a circle.wrap the branches with leather and weave a spider web with fine thread,There are some feathers hanging under the circle,Legend has it that only good dreams can pass through the net and flow down the feathers, while bad dreams will be trapped in the net and vanish into air with the sun tomorrow



1. We are the factory and trade integrated company

2. Stable foreign trade and skilled workers

3. 10 years and many experience in production and trading

4. We have settle down the whole set of products quality control system

5. Special Certification for clients reference

Our Advantages

FeatureOur clients_副本

1. Wonderful Gift for Birthday,Valentine's Day,Mother's Day,Thanksgiving,Christmas,Graduation or any Occasion!

2. Vintage decoration dreamcatcher keychain for your friends, coworkers and families,

the dream catcher bring good luck and dreams

3. This design will make you look unique, charmer and elegant,You can hang it on anything wherever and whenever you want,Portable and practical, convenient

4. It can be used as a beautiful decoration for a handbag,mobile phone,car mirror, purse,etc,you could be a fashion icon

Plating Color

plating color_副本plating color_副本


Q: How many days for mass production?

A: our company’s production time is 15-20days for mass production, it depends the difficultly and quantity of the process

Q: What is the custom code for your company?

A: HS code 790700900/732690900/8308100000

Q: Does your company have the regular logistic and express?

A: our company have some regular logistic company and express company, the international trade EXW/FOB terms,if the customer have own forwarder, we will contact them in advance, or not have the forwarder, we can also recommend our regular logistic and express.

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