The role of Jewelry
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The origin of jewelry, initially because of the mask, with the living standards and the continuous development of human creativity, began to modify the part of the transformation, derived from a variety of decoration-oriented. Jewelry is used to decorate and wear, some ornaments can play the role of fragrance, cleaning, beautification and so on, good jewelry can let the wearer a brand-new, refreshing, in the street many jewelry boutique also pay more and more attention to the jewelry market, in the home decoration, birthday gifts, friends gathering, send men and women friends are inseparable from jewelry. Jewelry Industry consumption trend: Jewelry industry is from jewelry, crafts gift industry separated out, a comprehensive formation of a new industries. Jewelry as a new economic growth point, developed countries have gradually become mature. Various grades of stores, sales point dotted, a variety of styles, various levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. In mainland China, the industry is still in its early stages of development.

With the rapid development of society, economy and culture, people have become the people's pursuit from food and clothing to a well-off type, advocating humanity and fashion, and constantly shaping individuality and charm. From the selection of the choice of platinum jewelry varieties, there are variables in the market consumption. Experts believe that the future of China's gold jewelry market consumption growth mainly depends on the wedding, diamond jewelry consumption and overseas visitors to China's consumption of three needs to pull. The demand for necklaces and rings, especially wedding rings, are weaker in purchasing power.

If commodity prices rise too fast, too high, consumers can easily turn to other types of jewelry, such as platinum jewelry or k gold jewelry, especially the World Gold Association of the promotion of the K-gold campaign will promote K-gold jewelry in the young family and platinum jewelry competition.

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