The development of jewelry industry
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Jewelry industry is from the jewelry, crafts gift industry separated from the formation of a comprehensive emerging industry. With the development of economy and society, people begin to pursue fashion and individuality while satisfying the basic needs of life, thus promoting the development of this new industry. Guangdong existing jewelry enterprises and operating more than 4,500 households, Yiwu has more than 8,800, Qingdao, about 4,000, scattered in other parts of the jewelry enterprises and operating countless households. Guangdong, Yiwu, Qingdao is China's most popular jewelry of the three agglomeration, the formation of tripod pattern, which YIWU has been China light industry, named as the "China fashion jewelry industry and trade capital." In the popular jewelry industry chain, many places rely on their own resource advantages, forming the relevant characteristics of the industry. such as "The world of artificial stone capital" Guangxi Wuzhou, "China's hometown of Pearl", Zhejiang Zhuji, "Chinese Crystal capital," Zhejiang Pujiang and so on.

These characteristics of the industrial base and China's three popular jewelry gathered together, basically formed the production pattern of China's jewelry industry. Big city's jewelry sales way basically with the company direct shop, franchise stores and small jewelry stores mainly, small and medium-sized city jewelry consumption due to the level of income and other restrictions, still in the form of flower shop, gift shop sales of jewelry, its products are generally more common jewelry, the grade of the product is low. With the development of China's two or three-line cities, these urban and rural residents of the decorative consumer demand will gradually follow the pace of the big city, which for the vast number of jewelry enterprises is a rare opportunity for development.

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