Classification of car Key chain
- Jul 27, 2018 -

1, PVC Soft Key chain, can be shaped strong, can be based on their own size and shape to custom, open mold fees will not be too expensive, jewelry shop this material most; disadvantage, color easily become dark dumb. 2, acrylic key chain, also known as plexiglass, import materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, is transparent, the middle can be put into color paper; the hardness of acrylic determines the degree of wear of the key chain. Currently less than 3H acrylic surface is easy to spend.

(Hardness list Reference Leechoo)

3, zinc alloy key chain, zinc alloy is also a relatively strong plasticity of the metal, the general surface through the drop of oil or plating rare metal to do anti-rust treatment;

4, Leather set lamp keychain, sewn with leather, divided into leather, imitation skin, PU, also embedded with a small lamp in the middle of a key chain, night or dark place can also be used for lighting;

5, the Solar key chain, the middle of a solar panel, sunlight, the inside of the pattern looming; 6, ABS material three-dimensional key chain, open an injection mold, with ABS material injection molding, and then color, because the cost of open mold, the general do the number is relatively large.

Much better than the quality of PVC.

7, Crystal Key chain, the general artificial crystal as a material, can be made into various shapes of crystal keychain, the cost of the general in one to dozens of yuan. 8, metal car key chain, leather car keychain, silicone car key chain, birch leather name car Keychain

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