Categories of Jewelry
- Jul 27, 2018 -

Modern jewelry colorful, dazzling.

Jewelry classification of a lot of standards, but the most important thing is by material, process means, use, decorative parts, etc. to divide.

Classification by material:

(i) Metal class 

1.Precious metals:

A, Gold: Gold (24K), 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K, 8K;

B, Platinum: PT999, PT990, PT950, PT900, PT850, PT750;

C, Silver: Sterling silver, gilt silver (925). 

2.Common metal:

D, iron (more for stainless steel);

E, nickel alloy;

F, common metal copper and its alloys;

G, Al-Mg alloy, tin alloy.

(ii) Non-metallic categories: 

1.Leather, rope, silk silk category;

2.plastic, rubber category; 

3.Non-metallic, animal skeleton (ivory, ox horn, bone, etc.), Shell class; 

4.Wood (aloes, Rosewood, Zaomu, gamma, etc.), Plant fruit Nuclear category (mountain Core, peach core, coconut shell, etc.); 

5.Gem and various types of color stone:

A, high-grade gem Category: such as diamonds, emeralds, red Sapphire, emerald, cat's eye, pearls and so on;

B, mid-range gem Category: Aquamarine, tourmaline, Dan Quan Stone, natural zircon, spar, etc.

C, low-grade gem Category: Garnet, topaz, crystal, olive stone, lapis lazuli, turquoise and so on. 6. Glass, Ceramics Category: such as cloisonne, coloured glaze and so on.

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